This course has several purposes, all of which are intended to prepare you to be as successful a student at Colorado Christian University as possible. The purpose of this course is to introduce you more deeply to Colorado Christian University, the beliefs that it holds as a faith-based institution, and how that will impact your experience here at CCU. Respond to the following questions:

In Session 1, you were asked to read CCU’s Strategic Priorities. Review the Strategic Priorities again in light of what we have talked about thus far in the course. Identify two of the Strategic Priorities that reflect a biblical, or Christian, worldview and explain how you see the elements of the worldview exemplified.

After you have identified how the Christian worldview is evident in two of the Strategic Priorities, reflect on what you have learned throughout this course by answering the following questions:

What did you discover about CCU that expanded your understanding of what it means to attend Colorado Christian University?

What did you discover that may have the greatest impact on your approach to your education at Colorado Christian University?

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