BSCOM 260 Week 1 Technical Communication Review

Part I

Read “Introduction: Thinking Globally, Teaching Locally: Understanding the Changing Nature of Technical Communication in an Age of Globalization” by Kirk St. Amant in your Week 1 Electronic Reserve Readings.

Use ProQuest Historical Annual Reports database in the University Library for your research.

Respond to the following in a 350- to 700-word summary:

• What forces have pushed technical communication practices into a more global perspective?

• Research an international company for which you would like to work. After reviewing its website and researching the company in the University Library, what areas can you identify that require the support of good writing and technical communication skills?

• Identify areas that require technical communication skills to incorporate a global perspective in your selected company.


Part II

Locate an annual report for an international corporation in the University Library. If possible, locate a report for the company for which you wish to work. It is recommended you use the ProQuest Historical Annual Reports database. The report should not be older than 15 years.

Review the report as an example of technical communication written with a global perspective by responding to the following in a 350- to 700-word summary:

• What is the purpose of the report? How is the information being communicated to its audience? Do you think it is a good example of technical communication? Why or why not?

• Is the written text easily understood?

• How is the idea of communication for a diverse, global audience supported by the visuals used and document design?

Submit both summaries to your instructor and cite your sources using APA formatting.

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