Based on the paper by Prusiner[1], please describe in one page or less how one of the techniques in the paper (HPLC, proteolysis, Edman degradation, amino acid analysis, SDS page or what not) was utilized to provide information on the nature of the scrapie agent.

The paper should include:

1) Date

2) A title (“The use of xxx in the study of scrapie” by (your name) (or something like that).

3) The hypothesis of the paper (in your own words). “In order to support the notion/idea that scrapie is a protein” for instance. This is then followed by:

4) Specific reason for choosing the method by the authors (related to the hypothesis).

5) The method in detail, and what information can be gleaned.

6) What the technique that was utilized showed in the paper, data that was obtained, and how it contributed to the hypothesis. And finally…

7) Conclusion (this should be short and succinct) – please summarize the use of the technique in one or two sentences and how it helped understand the nature of the scrapie agent.

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