In this module, you read about Asian American groups and examined the traditions and customs that these groups brought with them to American during their most rapid immigration period in the 1890s. Asian Americans quickly adapted to western civilization and immersed themselves in society to achieve the American Dream. One of the most controversial statements and topics surrounding Asian American success is the concept and theory that they are described as the “best educated” and “highest-income” racial group in the United States. Some theories attribute their success by creating a working coethnic community which Portes and Rumbaut (1990, 2001) define as “ethnic communities composed mostly of professional, entrepreneurial, or working-class labor”. These communities are successful as they recognized that although Koreans, Indians, and Filipinos are all from the same racial group, they have different ethnic origins with varying educational outcomes and occupational skills, which in turn creates a functioning community of middle class and upper class with steady streams of income and opportunity for all.


In your research paper:

  1. Analyze the cultural characteristics of Asian American groups.
  2. Synthesize how these characteristics shape relationships with the larger society.
  3. Identify how these characteristics contribute to the perception of Asian Americans as “successful”.


  • Your paper must be 1200–1600 words
  • Do not forget to include a thesis statement (statement of purpose/intent) and indicate the topics to be covered
  • Use only professional, objective language
  • Use APA style
  • You must have two scholarly articles referenced that provide support for the material that is addressed


This assignment will be graded using the Assignment Rubric. The assignment is worth 150 points. Use the information in the rubric as a guide toward successful completion of the module assignment.

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