This week’s discussion topic is Lars Tornstam’s theory of gerotranscendence (1995, 2005). For your post, you are asked to use the information presented in the PPT titled “Social and Developmental Theories of Aging”, as well as Ruth Tamari’s 2-part blog post (links posted below).

  • Ruth Tamari – gerotransendence – part 1 – click here to access
  • Ruth Tamari – gerotransendence – part 2 – click here to access

Think of an older adult you know either from your personal life or a character from a favorite movie or book. With this person in mind, answer the questions posted below:

  1. What behavior has this person displayed that may be explained by the theory of gerotranscendence?  (Be specific in your answer and provide examples).
  2. What behavior have you observed that may be viewed as an impediment to developing gerotranscendent traits?
  3. In your opinion, do gerotranscendent traits have an effect on life satisfaction? Why or why not?
  4. What differences and similarities do you see between this theory and some of the earlier aging theories discussed in your textbook? (Explain your position and provide rationale).
  5. If you had to be the caregiver for a gerotrascendent person, what unique approaches would you use to create an environment of acceptance and promote further fostering of these traits?
  6. Explain what connections you have been able to make between the concepts studied in this week’s assigned readings and the content presented in this blog

Read and follow the Discussion Board Post Grading Rubric to ensure your post and follow up comments meet all of the requirements noted there.

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