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minimum 2 1/2 pages

*APA style required

Instructions: Choose two of the following questions to respond to. Submit your exam in the appropriate category in Blackboard. Avoid 1st person writing. Responses should demonstrate support from class content (notes, discussion, readings).



  1. Disagreement over the status of teaching as a profession or semi-profession has ensued for decades.  Choose a position and argue for it.
  2. Horace Mann and other common-school leaders believed that public education should construct a commonly shared general culture. Address the relevancy of such a policy for contemporary education?
  3. Compare and contrast the ideas of Froebel, Montessori, and Piaget on early childhood education. Would it be possible to integrate educational practices from all three educational pioneers in a contemporary elementary school?
  4. Proponents of Jane Addams’ philosophy of socialized education argue that it relates schools to social and technological change while critics contend it diverts schools from teaching academic skills and subjects. Address this disagreement.
  5. Do you agree with the realists’ argument that conceptual knowledge of subjects such as language, history, mathematics, science, literature, and art is needed to make rational choices or with the pragmatist contention that the most important decisions are made by solving problems? Explain your answer.
  6. Have American schools been influenced more by essentialism or by progressivism? Support your answer with examples and evidence.
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