Environmental Scan

Your subsections must include an examination of the environmental sectors you have selected. (USE THE SAME ORGANIZATION AS ASSIGN 1 & 2)

Introduction (10 points)

Why it is important to examine the environmental sectors?

Environmental Scan (45 points)

This is the third step in the development of your Strategic Human Resource Development (SHRD) Project. You are to scan the external environment in order to identify the threats and opportunities that may affect human performance as a likely result from changes occurring outside of the organization. You are to scan three sectors that you believe will have an impact on your business. Each sector analysis is worth 15 points.

The sectors are:

(a) The Economic sector, (b) The Political sector; (c) The Technological sector; (d) The Social sector; (e) The Market sector; (f) The Geographic sector; (g) The Supplier sector; (h) The Distributor sector 

Sectors are described in the powerpoints from Class #6

For each sector:

What is the sector?

What is your prediction (what do you guess will happen) in the sector in the next 5-7 years 4 points?

How will this impact your business 4 points?

Is this a threat or an opportunity for your business 2 points? (these are always external to the organization). The impact is either a threat OR an opportunity. A threat that can be turned into an opportunity is still a threat.

How can HRD (using training and development, career development, organization development, and/or performance management) either exploit the opportunity or defend against the threat 5 points?

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