Framing And Language Elements

  • Select your focus commercial, ad, or infomercial. Note the URL, if available.
  • View the commercial/ad/infomercial as many times, as needed, to sufficiently analyze your cognitive and emotional involvement with it. In particular, consider:
  • How does framing of the commercial/ad/infomercial inform your involvement with the material?
  • What elements of language are used, such as speed, power, and intensity?
  • How do those language elements influence your involvement, and which language element stands out most?
  • Evaluate the commercial/ad/ infomercial according to the principles and practices of advertising ethics.

Post responses to the following:

  • Describe the commercial/ad/infomercial. Provide a link, if available.
  • Summarize your analysis of your cognitive and emotional connection to the commercial/ad/infomercial. In your summary, be sure to explain how the framing and elements of language informed your involvement, including which language element was most salient for you and why.
  • Explain your conclusions about the ethics of the strategies used in the commercial/ad/infomercial.
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