Please Choose two sites of the following for your paper:

Serious Games

2050 Pathways

Breakaway (Disaster Management-Incident Commander)

Budget Hero



Maryland Budget Map Game

MP For A Week plans/mp-for-a-week-game/

NationStates—create your own country

The Social Simulator

Urgent Evoke

World Without Oil

1. Visit the site and look around.

2. just explore the organization or company offerings.

3. Write  a two page paper on what you find and try to relate the analysis to  what you have learned in the chapter and what you have learned thus far  in the course. Please make sure to include the following answers to  these questions in your paper.

  1. What does the gaming software do and how would this be helpful in public policy, learning, education in general.
  2. How and where would the ‘serious game’ be implemented.
  3. Please include a few screen shots of the simulations or demos of the simulations with explanation

Note: Please write 2 pages in APA format with in text citation 

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