Hardware And Software Recommendations

Purpose of AssignmentThis assignment will help you assess hardware and software specifications for different computer and business purposes, and provides the student with an opportunity to explore and apply options to satisfy various needs.Assignment StepsResources:  Microsoft® Office Help and Training Other tutorials available onlineRead the following scenario:Mary is a business student and is considering purchasing a new computer. She is looking for a recommendation on what to purchase to meet her needs. Mary is studying business with a finance minor. She will be doing data analysis on a regular basis using spreadsheets. She will need to write papers and collaborate with a team of students. In addition to her school work, Mary likes to listen to music, play computer games, surf the web, and store her pictures and movies in the cloud.Write a minimum 350-word email to Mary in which you recommend key hardware and software requirements that will provide the needed functionality. Include the following recommendations in your analysis:Minimum hardware specificationsPeripheralsKey software applicationsKey utilities to considerSecurity protocol related to security concerns Cite a minimum of three website resources where the information was found.

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