How can the effects of segregation and discrimination shape an individuals personality and IQ scores?

Clark Reading Assignment

Due by 11:00pm 1/27 on D2L and you must bring in a copy of your assignment to discuss in class.


Kenneth Clark: Chapter 16 of History of Psychology in Letter. (Located in D2L course content module)

Questions about the readings

All answers must be at least 1 paragraph. Remember a paragraph is at least 4 sentences unless otherwise stated.

First, find 1 piece of information that you found interesting about Clark and why you found it interesting. This can be a fact about something that they did, something that happened in their lives, an interesting quote, idea, etc… Do not use information from the assigned readings. Get the information from a reliable website, magazine, journal, or textbook. i.e. not info from a website with a lot of advertisements. An .edu site would be a good resource. This does not need to be a paragraph.

1. How can the effects of segregation and discrimination shape an individuals personality and IQ scores?

2. Never before had the research of psychologists had such an impact on the law as the Clark’s research had on effecting the outcome of Brown v. Board of Education. How might American culture be today if the Plessy v. Ferguson was not overturned and everyone went to segregated K-12 schools?

3. After the court victory, why do you think the American Psychological Association (APA) did not issue a press release, issue an official commendation, or send out congratulatory telegrams to the psychologists involved in the case?

4. Watch the video below of the interview between Dr. Clark and Malcolm X.

Dr. Clark agreed with Martin Luther King’s methodology but disagreed with his philosophy of love for the oppressor. Clark stated that, “the philosophy of love of the oppressor is psychologically burdensome.” What do you think he meant by this statement?


Doll Test:

Malcolm X & Kenneth Clark:

Brown v. Board Documentary:

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