interested programm

Please complete the following tasks by using both the PPT, the logic model and the video under “Home”.  You will find the ppt and logic model under files.

This assignment requires you to complete the following:

  1. Think about a program you may be interested in creating or you can use a program in your internship. Provide information about the program you are interested in creating a logic model for (why did you select the program, is the program working as it should, what improvements or goals are needed for the program to be successful, what type of evaluation would you consider…etc..)
  2. Using information obtained from the ppt and the instructional video, you will create a logic model for your selected program.
  3. Describe your logic model and why you have selected the designated outcomes.
  4. After you have completed the logic model, critically respond to two of your colleagues logic model suggesting improvements/enhancement on their logic model.
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