intext reference and Reference

Choose one chemical

  • from the Target Compound List/Target Analyte List (TCL/TAL) from the Superfund program (use Chromium for this )

and one from the Safe Drinking Water Act list (use Pentachlorophenol) .

Create a PowerPoint presentation on the chemical characteristics of these chemicals. Include a title slide, an introduction slide, at least three slides for each chemical, and a references slide. Make sure that all sources are cited and referenced properly using APA style. For each chemical, your slides should contain the following information:

  • Include the chemical structure of each chemical chosen.
  • Include at least two important chemical properties that affect fate and transport for each chemical, such as octanol-water partition coefficient, organic carbon-water partition coefficient, and diffusion coefficient.
  • Include a discussion of how the two properties you chose for each chemical affect fate and transport of the chemical in the subsurface.
  • If a spill of each chemical were to occur, where would the chemical likely be found (soil, water, air), and what are some of the potential health effects?

Your presentation should consist of a total of six slides, not including the title slide and reference slide.

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