Choose a field of interest. It can be a field you are working in or a professional field you are aspiring to join (for instance, the nuclear or renewable energy sector, information technology, electrical engineering, construction, etc.). Use a search engine (such as Google) to look for answers to the following questions:

What are the three largest or most important professional organizations in your selected field? (For example, if you are in construction, your field might contain a few professions such as construction management, civil engineering, or industrial engineering.)

What are the three most important journals or online discussion lists or social media groups used by people in your selected field?

What is the date and location of an upcoming national or international professional conference for people in your selected field?

Name and describe, in more than one paragraph, a major issue being discussed by practitioners or academics in your selected field. For example, electrical engineers may be discussing Tesla’s electric cars and how they may reshape the auto industry.

Reflect on how this research exercise would have helped you prepare a technical writing project and how you would have proceeded differently after knowing more about the profession.:

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