• All of our clients come from every corner of the world due to our reputation and integrity that we have maintained by securing each of their identity after taking maximum safety measure at According to the UK Data Protection Act, established in 2008, the company is wholly responsible for keeping all the details collected from the client safe and secure, whether it is the personal credentials or the information of the client’s credit card, until and unless the client is satisfied with the assistance provided. We strictly abide by the rules set in the Act and ensure to safeguard the client’s identity and not compromising it by any means. We urge all our clients to go through our privacy policy stated below before they entrust us with their order:
    • Information provided by the clients
  • The client provides the necessary private and credit card details to the company, such as the name, contact number, as well as an active email address. If the client signs up for the company’s newsletter or press releases or wishes to interacts with the customer care personnel, the same may be conveyed as well. An alias may also be used by the client if he/she wishes to keep their identity a secret. The rest of the information, however, must be correct in order to have a smooth and enjoyable experience with the services provided by the company.
    • The use of the provided personal details
  • The order is easily and smoothly processed due to the details collected from the client. The same information provided by the client is also used in order to reply back to the clients while solving their queries and other academic concerns. The client can also subscribe to the newsletter or press releases, for which the same email address provided is used to send the details of new discount codes or sales packages to the clients. This subscription can easily by unsubscribed from after clicking the Unsubscribe tab at the end of the email sent to the client.
    • Cache and cookies
  • To control the traffic on the website, details of the cookies, clicks on the page, cache, computer’s IP address, browser name, version, country, etc. are collected. The settings can be manually disabled, but would limit the user from using certain features on the website.


  • Without further notice, if considers it crucial, the policy may be changed or edited. All the clients must go through this section once before placing an order to stay clear of any changes or alterations in the future. For further feedback or inquiries, send an email to [email protected] or through the landline number mentioned on the website of the company.