Psychoanalysis And Neo-Freudianism

Directions for synthesis outline and paper:


1. Construct an outline for the paper with the attached 6 articles, explaining and synthesizing the articles. Thesis statement, identify themes common to the articles and a statement of conclusion tying the articles together as a single entity.


2.  Construct a snythesis paper with the attached 6 articles from the outline constructed. Include in the paper:

–  a statement of common themes address in each of the articles in detail

– a statement of conclusions that ties the articles together as a single entity

– what is the overall message of the articles

– what are the key aspects of Freduian thought which caused these other theorists to distance themselves from

Freud’s views and influence

– what are the major differences among the theorists which caused them to diverge from one another.


3.  Please follow APA formatting (double-space, in-text citation, proper heading levels, correct writing skills (i.e. no run on sentences, correct transitions from paragraphs, etc.). The paper should be 2,000 – 2,250 words and times, 12 pitch.  This tutotorial should be presented in a scholarly manner. Please NO PLAGIARISM..


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