What was the primary charge made by women’s rights advocates like Charlotte Bunch against CEDAW in the 1990s?

WST 4115 ½Dr. Moura-Koçoglu


CEDAW and Gender-Based Violence


This individual journal will show your understanding of the issues involved in the debate around CEDAW, formulating a balanced discussion of the benefits and limitations of the convention, in a country of your choice. Your journal needs to provide a critical analysis of readings, videos, and/or the lecture covered in Module 05 “Global Gender Violence”.


#1 Go to our library guide at http://libguides.fiu.edu/WST4115 #2 Click on the ‘CEDAW Impact Collection’ #3 From the alphabetical listing of countries at the top of the page, select ONE country,

and choose one of the articles available on that country. (For your convenience, you can find a list of countries with sufficient sources at the end of this guide).

#4 Write your Response Paper by answering the below questions. #5 Provide in-text citations and a works cited list: You may use additional academic

sources through our FIU online Library, as well as online news articles. #6 Submit your paper on Canvas by the deadline stated in the syllabus.


1. How has CEDAW been used to respond to the problem of gender-based violence identified in the country of your choice?

2. Outline the benefits and limitations of CEDAW for improving the situation of women in your country of choice.

3. Discuss the current status of women’s rights in your country of choice, using online news articles/ academic articles.

4. What was the primary charge made by women’s rights advocates like Charlotte Bunch against CEDAW in the 1990s? To what extent is this critique still relevant today, compared to the example you chose?

5. Conclusion: Determine whether or not CEDAW, in your country of choice, has been an efficient tool to address violence against women.

WST 4115 ½Dr. Moura-Koçoglu


Your paper should be in 11-point font Arial, 1-2 pages, double spaced. Please make sure your paper is free of typos and grammatical errors. A link to this assignment, along with this guide, can be found in the pertinent Module on Canvas.


Essays will be evaluated according to their thoughtfulness and their ability to make perceptive connections. You can earn 10 points for this assignment. Grades will be available 7 days after submission deadline. Consider the following criteria when writing your essay:

1. Purpose

Introduces essay effectively and clearly; purpose of essay is clear.

2. Development

Develops essay with exceptional care; provides a balanced presentation of arguments; offers convincing conclusion.

3. Insight

Ideas are supported effectively; clear evidence of having understood and synthesized assigned readings, videos and course concepts; demonstrates a sophisticated and compelling engagement with the relevant texts in an original and highly articulate manner.

4. Writing Quality

Strong writing style with clear ability to express thoughts and point of view. Correct grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.

CEDAW IMPACT COLLECTION (Countries with substantial literature) Australia (8) Bangladesh (8) Botswana (6) Brazil (8) Cambodia (9) Canada (11) Chile (7) China (12) Colombia (6) Costa Rica (6) Egypt (9) Fiji (6) Finland (6) Germany (7)

Ghana (6) India (9) Indonesia (9) Japan (17) Jordan (7) Kenya (9) Lao People’s Democratic Republic (7) Lebanon (5) Malaysia (9) Morocco (6) Nepal (7) Netherlands (5) Niger (10)

Pakistan (11) Philippines (15) Republic of Korea (5) Singapore (5) South Africa (9) State of Palestine (6) Thailand (8) Turkey (10) United Republic of Tanzania (8) United States of America (9) Vanuatu (5) Vietnam (10) Zimbabwe (5)

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